What’s a DevOps Bard?

In medieval fantasy lore bards were lute playing, singing poets passing on stories and parables.  Further in fantasy role-playing games the bard is often a jack-of-all trades.  This seems doubly apropos for the category for stories about DevOps where traditionally separate skill sets come together and sysadmins end up working with source control, build systems, and more traditional dev areas while devs may also work on automation for infrastructure.

This was a random late night correlation which in the past can either be insightful or off the wall.  It seems the real history is a bit less fanciful with bards serving as a form of second rate poets providing PR for nobility so maybe a little of both.

Photo Credit: Sgt. John L. Carkeet IVLink
This photo deserves a special mention.  I was not expecting to find a lute and an iPad in the same photo!  Check out the link for the story behind it.