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You can’t automate relationships

Originally appearing on   As an organization sold on the idea of DevOps what’s your first step in the journey? Despite a constant deluge of well-reasoned guides for implementing DevOps the most prevalent step most companies have made is simply contributing to a proliferation of DevOps job titles. Most

Branching out

Starting today I’m very excited to announce that I will also be blogging on in addition to here at While I’m certain I will keep both running I haven’t quite settled on which exact topics I’ll post on each so I’ll play it by ear for a

What’s a DevOps Bard?

In medieval fantasy lore bards were lute playing, singing poets passing on stories and parables.  Further in fantasy role-playing games the bard is often a jack-of-all trades.  This seems doubly apropos for the category for stories about DevOps where traditionally separate skill sets come together and sysadmins end up


This is a fun parable from famous web performance guru Steve Souders (formerly working at Yahoo and currently at Google).  It’s part of his lengthy but excellent video on web front-end latency (~31 minutes in). An office building owner receives escalating complaints from his tenants about how long they have